Grades 1 & 3 Language Arts & Title I

Grades 1 & 3 Language Arts and Grades 1-6 Title I- Mrs. Kiana Harris

I graduated from Valley City State University in May 2018, and spent the last school year teaching many various subjects to elementary students at a Hutterite colony! This year is my second year teaching, and I am so blessed to be spending it here! I am from the lovely little town of Dickey, North Dakota, but have recently relocated to a small hobby farm outside of Lisbon with my family and our furry and feathered friends! My husband Talon, our 8 month old son Easton and I have dogs, cats, horses, and chickens, so as you can imagine, we are very busy!


Our Daily Schedule:


8:00-8:50 – Title I

9:00-10:10 – Grade 1 Language Arts

10:10 – 10:30 – Title I

10:30-11:30 – Grade 3 Language Arts


Classroom Management:

Our classroom is a place to encourage growth; both academically and as people of the world. We are free to grow in these ways, most especially when we feel loved, respected, and safe.


In our classroom, we love and respect one another.

In our classroom, we will stay safe.

In our classroom, we learn and grow together.

Fun facts about me:

While I love to read, play softball and play with all of the animals on our little farm, a little-known fun fact about me is that I am a certified scuba diver!

Another fun fact is that I am so proud to have come from a long line of teachers! At one point, my family had so many teachers in so many different subject and specialization areas that they could’ve ran their own school(K-12!).