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St. Catherine School


St. Catherine Catholic School strives to foster the development of the whole child through exceptional academics, Christian service, and faith-building opportunities. We provide students and staff members the opportunity to grow in holiness and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Developing a Catholic Identity

We prepare students to receive the Sacraments and to participate in the Sacramental Life of the Church.

 We provide students and staff the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Christ.

 We learn about and celebrate the heroes of our faith.

     We view our studies from a Catholic perspective.

Achieving Excellence

We focus on student growth, rather than a specific achievement level.

 We work to tailor lessons to the unique needs of our students.

 We provide opportunities to develop the whole child – physical, spiritual, artistic, academic, and emotional.

 We emphasize utilizing the particular gifts God has given us.

 We nurture excellence in the arts as well as academic areas.

Collaborating Together

We recognize parents as the primary educators in the faith, and we seek to develop a collaborative relationship with them.

 We encourage parents and the community to participate in the activities of the students at St. Catherine School.

 We communicate honestly, openly, and consistently — both as a staff and with parents and members of the parish community.

Serving Others

Staff members see Christ in each other and in students, and treat them as they would treat Christ.

 Students see Christ in their classmates and treat them as they would Christ.

 Students serve the Church through their participation at Mass.

 The school and staff provide students with opportunities to help the school, the parish, and any who are in need, including through their   prayers.

     We affirm the good judgement and choices students make.




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