St. Catherine School opened in 1916 and is located next to St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church, which opened in 1882. The Franciscan Sisters of Rochester, Minn, taught at the school for the first two years, according to a document written by Sister Mary Albertine, who spent at least 50 years in the parish. After the Franciscan Sisters withdrew from the parish in 1918, the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation were asked to take charge of the school.


A high school department opened in 1930 and included ninth grade. At the time, a middle building was constructed, which housed living quarters for the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation, boarding facilities for students and a gym. Since the building had to connect to the one that was built in 1916, ownership of the 1916 building was transferred to the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation.


In 1954 another junior high building was constructed to accommodate the senior high students. The foundations of the building were cast to support a third story, and in 1957 a new gymnasium was built.


The high school closed in 1969. St. Catherine School was no longer run by the Sisters of Mary as of Aug. 21, 1982.


Mission Statement

St. Catherine Catholic School strives to foster the development of the whole child through exceptional academics, Christian service, and faith-building opportunities. We provide students and staff members the opportunity to grow in holiness and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.